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Novo Campo Program: Practicing Sustainable Cattle Ranching in the Amazon

The Novo Campo Program is implemented by a consortium of partners, including the Instituto Centro de Vida (ICV), Embrapa, the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS), Solidaridad, Imaflora, JBS, and local producer unions in two municipalities of Mato Grosso state - Alta Floresta and Cotriguaçu. The program is composed of six main components, including: (1) engaging ranchers, (2) training technical assistance professionals, (3) buyers providing premiums for the products, (4) financing for investments in better practices, (5) monitoring and tracking the supply chain and (6) integrating with territorial sustainable development policies. Since 2012, ICV has been working to demonstrate the viability of this approach. With measurable benefits for participants, the Novo Campo Program has continued to grow, and aims to reach 200-300 producers in the next several years.

Preliminary results*

*Average results of 6 pilot farms in the first year after GAP implementation. Results refer to the whole farm, where one 32-hectare module of intensification was installed, representing 5-10% of the total area of pastures.

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